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Aerial Drone Documentation

Tracking a job site’s progress on a frequent basis is crucial to keeping a project running smoothly, on schedule and on budget.  Murow|CM’s Aerial Drone Documentation services are on the cutting-edge of technology, offering our clients a unique opportunity to monitor and summarize their projects in an advanced, polished way. Aerial  Drone Documentation provides constant progress monitoring, pre, during, and post-construction by utilizing the best aerial technology and camera system equipment available. Aerial documentation for the construction industry can be used for inspections, aerial view studies, 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, construction planning, progress monitoring and reporting, marketing, surveying, and other applications.

Benefits of Aerial/Flight Documentation:

  • Keep Projects On-Track and On-Budget by Having Access to Up-To-Date Data
  • Aerial/Flight Documentation Increases Productivity by Connecting the Field with the Office
  • Enhances Progress Monitoring by Providing Real-Time Reports
  • Establishes Client as an Innovative Industry Leader and Communicating or Elaborating More Effectively.
  • Track Assets and Mark-Up Photos
  • Access and Document Areas That Are Difficult to Reach
  • Limit your Liability and Risk by Documenting Every Step of the Project

Our Aerial Drone Documentation services include:

  • Flights Throughout the Project Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly, Capturing the Site’s Progress at Each Stage. Custom Aerial Documentation Scheduling is Available as Well.
  • Compiling, Editing, and Polishing the Video Footage to Produce a Final Project Video that is Client Ready.
  • Aerial Photo Documentation
  • Map/Plan Overlay
  • 3-D Modeling

The final project videos are perfect to put on websites, emails, or other marketing materials to establish your company as an industry leader. Our clients can securely access and share their final product via Murow|CM website portal.

To learn more on our Aerial Documentation Division, please contact Scott Porterfield (Division Director) at (714) 423-2362 or by email at



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“The Murow|CM Aerial Division allows our team to see our project from specific vantage points that are in fairly inaccessible areas. The team is flexible and gets right down to business which we like. It allows our personnel in the office to view the project’s progress without making a trip to the site.”
Ryan Best, Westar Associates
“The image resolution for the drone was very high allowing me to zoom-in on features on the ground, including locations of engineering stakes for removal boundaries. The timely calendar spacing of the drone flights made it possible to correlate geological features across the site. Numerous contractors started to work together, the history of the work the various contractors performed and completed was photo documented.”
Dwight R. Haggard, Geofirm