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When the construction operations of a project have ended, closing out the bonds can become a time-consuming task, but more importantly a task that could have escalating costs if not managed effectively and efficiently.  Murow|CM offers a team of experience and relationship-based personnel to guide clients through the process of not only reducing their bonds – but full exoneration – to maximize savings in time, costs, and resources.  Murow|CM bond exoneration services consist of:

  • Processing subdivision bond requests and exonerations
  • Performing punch list items and project closeout to ensure bonds are on target to be reduced and eventually released for improvement types.
  • Monitoring subdivision bonds – from participating jurisdictions | municipalities in order to obtain the following:
    • Release letters
    • Acceptance Letters
    • Notice of Completions

Murow|CM will monitor expectations of exonerating bonds through each stage (during construction operations, maintenance, to full bond release).  We coordinate and effectively communicate with local inspectors at each of these “stages” of the project to obtain the preliminary punch list to final walk-through to ensure full acceptance of noted improvement types.

For more information on what Murow|CM can do for your projects involving bond exoneration efforts, please contact Tim Markel at 949.988.7158 or by email at


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