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At Murow|CM, we understand the details that exist in land deals, which can make or break the project if not exposed and properly documented. By being a “contractor” based consultant, our clients fully benefit from our strong understanding of the true pricing of site development through cost estimating.

Murow|CM uncovers potential “surprises” through our diligent efforts in reviewing all methodologies, working conditions, and documents of each land transaction.  Our Budgets and Cost Estimating Services mirror that attention to detail, offering your project accurate and customized results.  Our experienced team understands how to bid out facility improvements as a “contractor” and manage the construction of those improvements to reduce risk. Utilizing our contractor based experience, we are able to use alternative approaches that are critical to the success of a project. Murow|CM offers the needed validation that land owners, home builders, developers, and financial institutions seek to secure the financial confidence in developing a bulletproof project budget. We recognize that every project is unique; offering different challenges to accurately unit price the project, provide a construction schedule of the improvements, and thought process in constructing the improvements and working with the various municipalities and agencies.

Murow |CM is willing to back its pricing with its “A” license.

Our bid team provides an array of bid results including current unit pricing figures, while our dry utilities team provides specific utility deposits, taxes and connection information. The CM team provides the necessary means of understanding construction logic so it can be built effectively and efficiently. We provide horizontal and vertical cost estimating including the following:

  • Fee Analysis
  • Finished Lot Cost
  • Preliminary Opinion of Infrastructure and/or building construction Cost/s
  • Constructability Review and Risk Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Delivery Alternatives
To learn more on our Budgeting & Cost Estimates Division, please contact Bob Garrison (Director of Consulting Services) at 949.398.8349 or by email at


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“The Opinion of Probable Costs work product produced by Murow|CM was accurate, thorough, and incorporated icon hyperlinks to the project information, which added a nice touch”
Pat Potts, Stratham Homes