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Our Dry Utility Consulting Division is “design based” with vast knowledge of power distribution, design and agency-specific standards.  This helps our team provide real-time design scenarios to assist our clients and utility agencies to complete time sensitive tasks.   Dry Utilities is a critical path item in land development and our team has and continues to build meaningful relationships with agency planners and engineers to help expedite the process.  With the growing rate of new development, our team has strived to implement and perfect the processes to achieve maximum success.  Our Dry Utility Division also has the great benefit of utilizing the other core services at Murow CM to better equip our clients in making site acquisition decision and project feasibility studies.  Currently the team is coordinating multiple project types in multiple jurisdictions including:

  • Feasibility and Conflict Reporting
  • Cost Analysis / Estimating
  • Idle Facility Removals
  • Overhead Relocation Coordination
  • Rule 20 Underground Conversion Coordination
  • Customer Station Design
  • Tract Planning – Master Planned Communities
  • Mixed Use Retail and Commercial
  • Substation Coordination
  • Temporary Power Coordination

Our Dry Utility Consulting Division also has the great benefit of utilizing the other core services at Murow|CM to better equip our clients in making decisions of site acquisitions and project feasibility studies. We can add further value, where others might be limited, through:

  • The Constructability Analysis and Reviews
  • The Bid Administration Process
  • Construction Management Oversight Services
  • Dry Utility Refunds and / or Reimbursements

These in-house resources add greater value not only to the work product, but that of our client, as synergies are met throughout the course of a land management project. Our Dry Utility Division also expands the Murow|CM services by providing:

  • Assistance with New Installations | Relocations | Undergrounding
  • Cost Estimates
  • Coordination of Plans, Contracts and Easements
  • Utility Availability and Conflict Reporting
  • Existing Utility Exhibits
  • Utility Composite Exhibits
  • Applicant Design

To learn more about our Dry Utility Division, please contact Ian Sanchez (Director of Dry Utilities) at 949.398.6728 or by
email at isanchez@murowcm.com




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“The Dry Utility team at Murow|CM has always been responsive and attentive to our needs. They’ve gone the extra-mile every chance they get and know how to resolve potential hurdles with poise. I’d recommend their services to anyone searching for a committed team.”
Garrett Lee, Jamison Services
“The Dry Utilities team at Murow|CM is a step above other consultants we’ve dealt with in the past. They are extremely thorough, proactive, and responsive. They have their pulse on the news that affects the dry utilities space and adjust their approach accordingly. It’s been a true pleasure working with them. I highly recommend them and I hope to work with them more as our needs arise.”
Suzie Aceves, Marc Homes