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Murow|CM is actively providing Due Diligence services on a variety of projects for major Public and Private Builders and Developers, Equity Firms, and Land Owners. Our DD process provides our clients with the necessary information to make the appropriate “Go/No Go” decisions, and to set up the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to move the project forward.

Our Due Diligence Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review Seller provided DD Materials –  Provide feedback as necessary
  • Entitlement Status/Process – Review existing Entitlements vis a vis the proposed Development
  • Review Available Documentation/Conditions of Approval especially relating to required obligations/requirements of the property such as:
    • Offsite Improvements
    • Affordable Housing Requirements
    • Project Monetary Contributions to local Jurisdictions (if any)
  • Provide Roadmap of Required Approvals
  • Provide Project Schedule
  • Title Review & Title Exception Letter
  • Consultant Procurement/Consultant Management:         
    • Civil Engineer
    • Geotechnical
    • Environmental
    • Biological
    • Cultural
    • Etc.

Whether you’re evaluating a single asset or a full portfolio our goal is to reduce your risk and offer qualified advice on managing liabilities. Ultimately our team is looking to enable you to meet your evaluation deadlines which are quite typical of real estate transactions.

Our due diligence expertise is applied across all product types. We deliver a high-quality product within our client’s deadlines. At the end of the day we provide you with the information and analysis you need to make the appropriate investment decision.

To learn more with regards to these services, please contact Bob Garrison (Director of Consulting Services) at 949.398.8349 or by email at bgarrison@murowcm.com


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